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Commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions.

What we offer

Our Products


Professional autonomous freezers.
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Alert Systems

­Monitoring, alarm systems through phone communication – temperature devices of refrigerators with all the Greek and international companies.
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Inverter Systems

Inverter Systems for a proper function and energy savings.
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Control Panels

Automation Control Panel of Cooling Facilities.
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Parallel Compressors

Construction and trading of in parallel compressors.
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Cooling Chambers

Construction of Cooling Chambers – according to the safety, hygiene regulations and energy savings.
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Chamber Shelves

Cooling Chamber shelves – Hygiene replacements.
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Refrigerator Curtains

Refrigerator curtains s/s (night mode), electrical – mechanical.
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Below you will find a list of our professional services.

Complete Solutions

Our company offers a complete set of solutions than are capable to cover every industrial refrigeration needs.

Energy Studies

For each project we conduct a feasibility study for the greater energy saving and the fastest depreciation.

Safety and Hygiene

The feasibility study of every project is consistent with the highest safety and hygiene regulations of the Greek and International law.

Smart Homes

Our partnership with all the international machinery traders give us the flexibility to match the needs of the customer with the most effective result.

Maintenance & Support

The existing projects that need maintenance and repairs, we offer a monthly maintenance contract. With this contract every customer has 24 Hours a day and 365 Days of the year a full support for emergencies and also a maintenance under the specifications of the facility.

Wide Application Field

Our company can support from small retail businesses such as food shops, super markets, cooling storage units to specialized application such as hospitals, factories, ice rinks etc.

Application Fields

Below you will find our application fields.

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